Lesson One HTML

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Lesson One HTML

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Monday 14th March
Message from Mr George: Pair or independent work.

Task one:
Go to INTERNET EXPLORER and search for:


Task two:
This is the HTML language you will need to copy into the Thimble text window.
Remember to highlight and delete the text already in the left-hand window, and carefully paste this text in.

Task three:
Your task is to edit the headings, sub headings, main text and image and replace them with your own choices, which fit in with King Arthur and Tintagel.

This is the text to highlight and copy:

<meta charset="utf-8">
<h1> All about light </h1>
<p> The sun is a source of natural light on planet Earth. The Moon does not create its own light, but is illuminated by the sun.</p>
<h2> How does light travel?</h2>
<p> Light travels in straight lines from the source. It travels incredibly
quickly! In one second light travels 299,792,458 meters. That means in
1 second it can travel round the Earth nearly 8 times! </P>
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_of_light">Read more about
the speed of light</a>
<h2> Sources of light </h2>
<p> Here are some sources of light </P>
<li> The Sun </li>
<li> Candle </li>
<li> Torch </li>
<li> Light bulb </li>


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