Lessons Two and Three HTML

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Lessons Two and Three HTML

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:17 pm

Good afternoon Mor Gower!
Pair or independent work (SAME PARTNER as last lesson please!).

Your mission: To check you have enough description in your webpage about Tintagel and King Arthur, and then to experiment with the text using different methods to make it look more eye-catching!

1. Open your own folder where you saved the example of your writing from THIMBLE (which you pasted into WORD from last lesson.) Highlight the text, right-click and COPY.

2. Go to the THIMBLE website:     https://thimble.webmaker.org/ then right-click and PASTE the text from WORD.

3. Use the photocopied sheet given to you (facts about the sun) and remind yourself of the main HTML tags you'll need to create a page with a similar layout. YOU WILL NEED TO EDIT THE FIRST PART OF YOUR HTML SCRIPT SO IT'S THE SAME AS ON THE SHEET - THIS WILL MAKE THE PREVIEW WINDOW WORK! The sheet is slightly different to the one given out last time, which you should notice when you compare it.

4. Check your webpage text has different types of headings, a hyperlink, an image, different paragraphs and bullet points.

5. Now add extra detail! Use the examples on the sheet given out today.
Can you:
Change some of the text colour
Change some of the text size
Change some of the font style (e.g headings)
Add another image in a different place
Add another hyperlink in a different place
Add another feature from the sheet

6. To finish, copy your HTML script and paste into Microsoft Word. Click SAVE and use the same filename as last time (the computer will then save your new, improved work over your work from last lesson).

7. Now click back onto THIMBLE and leave your work open, so people can see your finished work in the preview window. Have a look at other people's work. What are the best parts? Which ideas could you have used? What could they improve?


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